Artist bio

Yelena Mirchevskaya was born in Moscow, Russia and grew up in Brooklyn, New York. She received her BFA from Parsons School of Design, majoring in Communication Design and Technology, with a focus on motion graphics. In her professional work, she is a creative director and producer. 

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Artist statement

I am constantly inspired by my experience as an immigrant from the former USSR. I spent the first seven years of my life in Moscow and moved to New York in the mid 90’s. I grew up in Brooklyn with this mix of identities and always felt compelled to portray the people and objects that were part of my upbringing. My work celebrates the real, in all its unflattering and peculiar glory. I often draw and paint subjects that are not staged and not embellished in any way, with the hope that I can capture a reality that people tend to miss. Working mostly in watercolors and ink, my most recent series focuses on the people of Brighton Beach, Brooklyn.

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